Cloud Firewall

Native-Cloud Firewall Protection

Nexon Cloud Firewall makes it simple to control network traffic to and from your nodes. Customise firewall rule sets and secure node’s traffic based on trusted IP addresses, ports, and protocols.

Simple Interface

Control inbound and outbound traffic using the Nexon API or Cloud Manager.

Scalable Security in Seconds

Stay protected as your network grows. Effortlessly apply the same ruleset across multiple instances.

Protect Your Web Apps

Defend your apps and services from malicious attackers by creating rules to only allow traffic from trusted sources. Firewall rules can filter traffic at the application and network layers, providing fine-grained control over who can access your nodes.

Create Custom Firewall Rules

Tailor rulesets for each Linode. Add up to 25 rules per ruleset, and use up to three active firewalls on a single node.